1. Building the Perfect Breakfast Burrito

    Who said burritos aren’t an appropriate breakfast? While some people might enjoy sugary cereals or elaborate brunches to start their day, at Guac Shop Mexican Grill, we know that a breakfast burrito provides everything you need to feel full and focused for the day. In today’s post, we will provi…Read More

  2. Mexican Food Set Out For Party

    Drinks and Desserts for Cinco de Mayo

    When the sun comes out this spring, you’ll want to gather with all your favorite people, and why wait ‘til July 4th to get along with all the people you love the most? You can see Cinco de Mayo as a chance to get the festivities in early. If you’re planning a party, event, school function or o…Read More

  3. 5 Hot Reasons to Cater with Mexican Food

    When you decide to have an event catered, you are consciously making the decision to serve your guests food that someone else is making. Though the workload is lightened, you now have the task of finding a company that you know is going to provide you with delicious food for your event. Guac Shop Me…Read More

  4. Sides That Go Perfectly With Every Mexican Food Meal

    Mexican dishes combine savory meats and fresh vegetables with the spices that are sure to kick! These combinations make for some of the most popular dishes across the globe. While the main dish that’s served up is absolutely the star of the show, the sides that are paired with these meals are equa…Read More

  5. Keeping Your Mexican Food Healthy

    A common misconception about eating healthy is that the food doesn’t taste great. While that may be the case for certain foods, it’s far from the case for Mexican dishes. With the abundance of fresh ingredients, vegetables, and spices, Mexican dishes are often significantly more healthy than peo…Read More

  6. Mexican Hot Chocolate with marshmellows

    Mexican Foods for Fall

    Every culture has its own popular fall dishes, many of which just make it that much easier to cozy up on the couch. Even though it’s definitely a little warmer south of the border, there are still some Mexican fall favorites that could make your autumn a little cozier and your holiday parties a li…Read More

  7. Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos

    Historical Mexican Foods and Recipes for Dia de Los Muertos

    Halloween traditions have been alive and well for quite a while, all around the world. In much of Latin America, the Halloween season is Dia de Los Muertos season, or the Day of the Dead in English. As with most holiday seasons, food is a big part of the celebration. For this Halloween season, the G…Read More

  8. Man Making Protein Shake

    Carbs and Protein for Your Workout

    If you’re even a little health-conscious, you likely understand the importance of a balanced diet that hits on all of your nutrient needs. If you exercise on a regular basis, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll need more protein and carbohydrates than the average person. Recommended serving si…Read More

  9. Build a Better Breakfast With Guac Shop

    As a Garden City Mexican restaurant, we can’t say breakfast is more important than our other favorite meals throughout the day — lunch, dinner, and happy hour — but we know it’s a good choice for a healthy life! As we discussed in our last blog post, eating breakfast comes with many benefits…Read More

  10. The Importance of Breakfast

    We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, often by a parent. We might have thought they were full of it when we were teenagers, but there is plenty of research that shows they may have been on to something. Whether you want to make the best decisions about your health, …Read More