If you’re even a little health-conscious, you likely understand the importance of a balanced diet that hits on all of your nutrient needs. If you exercise on a regular basis, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll need more protein and carbohydrates than the average person.

Recommended serving sizes are determined by the FDA, and based on what the average U.S. person actually consumes, by law these are not recommendations on what you should eat as a serving size. So, just trusting that you’re getting enough out of something because of what the label says for daily values isn’t enough for anyone to guarantee that they’ve gotten enough nutrients, especially people who exercise regularly.

While measuring proper nutrient intake is an ever-evolving task, one thing we do know is that carbs and proteins are essential nutrients to fuel your workout and repair your body afterward. Luckily, you can get both of these in spades at the Guac Shop in Garden City, in the form of burritos, tacos, and bowls.

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The Importance of Carbs for Your Workout

Some diets have tried to cut out carbs altogether, and they often show results, but if you’re wary about cutting out a nutrient or you just like bread, then you can still get in prime shape while consuming carbohydrates. Here are just a few things that carbohydrates can do for you, and when you might need them for your workout.

  • When you reach your highest level of intensity during a workout, roughly 80 percent of the energy you’re burning comes from glucose and glycogen, the two forms of sugar that carbs break down to.
  • A deficiency in carbohydrates can lead to your body restricting the amount of glucose and glycogen that your muscles receive, as your brain needs these to function as well. This can cause lower performance workouts that can feel harder to get through because your body is so low on energy.
  • About 90 minutes before a workout, you should consume some carbs, while the amount would vary depending on your body weight and intensity of the workout, there are formulas to help you calculate how much you’ll need for your level of activity.
  • Once you get to about thirty-minutes before your workout, you can feel fine consuming carbs that are less healthy. High-glycemic carbs, like those in white bread and other processed foods, break down quicker than those in whole grains or fruits and provide more immediate energy. If you work out shortly after consuming them, then they don’t have a chance to store themselves as fat.

If you’re preparing for a workout, carbs are one reason to enjoy a visit to the Guac Shop for some healthy Mexican. Our burritos, bowls, tacos, and Mexican style rice can all give you a boost of carbohydrates for the upcoming workout. The other critical ingredient to your workout — and one that the Guac Shop provides twice as much of as the competition — is protein.

Protein For Your Workout

Protein is right there with carbohydrates as one of the most necessary workout nutrients, because it’s needed to repair muscles. Without it, your muscles can’t heal as quickly as they would if you had the proper amount and gains will come slower. Here are some things that protein can do for you, and some suggestions about how to use them properly.

  • People who strength train on a regular basis may need up to double the recommended daily allowance of protein as someone who doesn’t, as this is a measure set by the National Academy of Sciences and relates more to the minimal amount of protein to avoid deficiency.
  • Spreading your protein out over three or four meals can help you constantly replenish the stores of protein in your muscles.
  • Having protein before or after your workout isn’t as important as making sure you get appropriately high levels overall, based on your daily activities.

Before or after your workout, you can get your protein supply at the Guac Shop, with marinated Mexican meats and beans in every bite, you get way more than the minimum. With twice the meat of our biggest competitors, the Guac shop is a sure way to satisfy your Mexican food cravings and your protein needs.

Beef Up and Guac Out

At the Guac Shop, you’re never missing out on the essential ingredients of your diet, whether you just try to subscribe to a healthy diet or you’re on a plan that’s a little more advanced, we have the burritos, bowls, and tacos to power you through your day. If you’re in Garden City, come in today and let the Guac Shop fuel your workout!