When you decide to have an event catered, you are consciously making the decision to serve your guests food that someone else is making. Though the workload is lightened, you now have the task of finding a company that you know is going to provide you with delicious food for your event. Guac Shop Mexican Grill has proudly offered high-quality, delicious catering services to the Garden City area for years. While Mexican food may not be the most common choice for catering, it ought to be!

In today’s blog post, we’re going to cover five reasons that choosing to have Mexican food catered for your event is a fantastic choice.

It’s a Favorite Cuisine

Serving large groups of people requires you to settle on a menu that the majority will enjoy. The great thing about Mexican food is that it’s a cuisine that just about everyone loves! Tacos, in particular, are a fan favorite and offer the ability to customize without making things too difficult with the catering company. This alone makes them an incredible option for catering because the meal automatically seems much more conscious of your guests’ pallet and food preferences.

Various Options

While we’re on the topic of variety, let’s touch on how this can be an incredible benefit of choosing Mexican food for your event. The variety of dishes and sides that you’re able to choose from can ensure there is something for everyone and that no two events are the same. The variety of options also provides that flexibility that so many are hoping for when it comes to planning an event. If you’re not entirely sure what items would pair well together, our team is happy to offer suggestions on what we think works well and what we’ve seen work well in the past.


One of the most common reasons that people choose to use Mexican food for their event is because it is significantly more affordable than various other catering options. While the cost might be lower than other cuisine options, the quality of the food is by no means less than. Mexican dishes utilize basic, fresh ingredients that make it affordable to create a tasty dish. This is a win-win because you’re able to enjoy a great meal at a fraction of the cost!


As we mentioned earlier, choosing to have an event catered means that you’re now faced with the task of choosing a meal that your guests will love. The great thing about Mexican food is that it’s incredibly savory and includes various spices that leave a lasting impression. The menu at Guac Shop offers authentic Mexican food that your guests are sure to enjoy! We take pride in the ingredients that we use, the recipes that we’ve held onto over the years, and the reviews that our customers have given us, so if you’re looking for a delicious meal — you’ve come to the right place.


The last reason that we’re going to talk about in today’s blog is one that anyone planning an event can get behind: ease. Mexican food is generally delicious as a standalone dish, so it doesn’t take much additional work to serve up a meal that your guests are going to love. Guac Shop Mexican Grill offers a variety of sides and takes care of the toppings that most will want to load up on their tacos. With that being taken care of, there’s not much more that you need to do to ensure this meal goes without a hitch.

Let Guac Shop Cater Your Next Event

Guac Shop Mexican Grill loves when we get the opportunity to cater an event — regardless of how big or small it may be. Our menu offers a variety of options so that you can create the perfect meal for you and your guests. Take a moment and browse our catering menu, and contact our store with any questions you may have regarding our catering services. From there, we can work with you to create the menu for your event and get your event scheduled.

At the end of the day, our goal is always to serve our customers with the very best Mexican food. We can’t wait to be a part of your big event!