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About Us

Welcome to Guac Shop Mexican Grill! Garden City Mexican food just got a whole lot more exciting.

We opened up at the beginning of 2018, and our passion for what we do has pushed us to where we are today — the ultimate craving satisfiers in town. We provide healthy Mexican food and large portions. Hankering for tacos? We’ve got ‘em. Dying for a burrito? It’s on the menu. Begging for a margarita? You know we’ve got you covered. Even those with restricted diets can find an incredible meal with us by building their own with gluten-free, low-carb, and protein-packed options, or going with one of our “power bowls”.

From paleo to keto diets, macros to vegetarian, we promise to provide quality, delicious food that meets your needs. Our foods are minimally processed and can meet the nutrition needs of almost any diet. So yes, it is absolutely possible to lose weight and get in shape while dining on Guac Shop day in and day out. With quality ingredients and thorough nutrition data, we can serve everyone a meal they’ll love.

Of course, sometimes you just need to sit back and indulge. Our food and happy hour drink specials can help you take the load off after a long day as well!

Whether you’re looking for a post-workout carb load or you need a tasty meal when you feel like you’re dying from hunger, we are here to feed all your needs with delicious, fast, and convenient Mexican cuisine. By the way — we offer REAL portion sizes. Our standard protein serving is double the competition. That’s a lot more Mexican food at a better price, and fuel to last you through your day.

Use our menu of Mexican options to reach your health goals or drop by during happy hour to make the long workday seem inconsequential. Guac Shop Mexican Grill is ready to take your dining and drinking experience to the next level!