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Drinks And Desserts For Cinco De Mayo

When the sun comes out this spring, you’ll want to gather with all your favorite people, and why wait ‘til July 4th to get along with all the people you love the most? You can see Cinco de Mayo as a chance to get the festivities in early. If you’re planning a party, event, school function or otherwise for Cinco de Mayo this year, then you should consider catering services from the Guac Shop for a large array of Mexican catering options that allow you to create a bowl, soft or crunchy taco, and more Mexican creations that are as indulgent or healthy as you see fit.

For Mexican catering in Garden City, we know we’re the best option for any popular and authentic Mexican food, but we also love to spread the Mexican culture and some of the tasty highlights that go with it. If you want a delicious Mexican lunch or dinner on Cinco de Mayo, then we’ve got you covered with everything necessary for a fiesta feast. However, if you really want to dive into the holiday and create something yourself, there are a number of drinks and desserts that you can make to wow both your friend buds and your taste buds.

Drinks For An Authentic Fiesta

Addressing the drinks at your party may be one of the most practical ways to add your spin and flavor to a catered event, and luckily Latino culture is filled with tasty drinks that go great with the sunshine and the spice of seasoned taco meat. You can help liven the spirits of friends for a Cinco de Mayo they won’t forget or give children a new warm-weather favorite with these cool and refreshing drinks.

The Pisco Sour — This drink is so good, there had to be a lawsuit to decide which Latin American country it arose from. Ultimately, Peru took home claim to this refreshing cocktail. They’ve even dedicated two days to its celebration. It includes lime juice, Pisco brandy, egg whites, simple syrup, and a slice of lime. A simple shaking brings this drink together with a foamy top and a refreshing finish.

Palomas — Palomas are drinks similar to margaritas that are actually much preferred in Mexico and they provide quite the kick of energy. As with margaritas, Palomas are typically made with tequila, but rather than embracing lime or strawberry, these drinks are based on Paloma juice in Mexico and grapefruits in the U.S. Simply stir together tequila, grapefruit juice, club soda, lime juice, and a little sugar, and once the sugar is dissolved, you should have a delicious and refreshing taste of Mexico.

Agua Fresca — Literally translating to fresh water in English, this is a healthy option to give kids a refreshing drink they’ll love in the warm-weather months. Simply combine water with fruit, blend, pour through a sieve, and add sugar and lime or lemon juice as desired.

Limonada Con Soda — Essentially what it sounds like, this is a drink that combines lemonade with soda and that is particularly popular in Guatemala. Simply replace the water in your lemonade recipe with some soda water, and boom, you have limonada con soda.

First Tacos, Then Dessert

Latino culture gets plenty of credit for the delicious, spicy, and often healthy recipes that it puts together, but few people know about the full range of tasty desserts stemming from South America. With churros and flan dominating the thoughts of most Americans when they think of Latino desserts, there are plenty more diverse and perhaps even more delicious desserts to discover.

Tres Leches Pastel — Made from three types of milk, tres leches pastel is a cake that’s basically guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

Prepared much like many other cakes, what separates it is being soaked in a creamy sauce. This helps turn the cake texture into that similar to custard. This serves as a sweet, creamy option for your dessert after too many tacos or zesty drinks.

Capriotada — When made in its traditional form, this is a tasty, healthy, and authentic Mexican dessert. Also called Mexican bread pudding, this is a spiced pudding that’s full of apples, dried fruits, and much more. It is often eaten with a scoop of ice cream or with cream added to the top.

Pan de Muerto — Pan de Muerto is a traditional dish served for the day of the dead and in other ceremonies related to the dead in Mexico. This dish is a sweet, light, airy bread that is often adorned with the images of skulls or other bones on top. If you want to add a little authenticity to your celebration, then this bread is a super easy solution that can come together quickly at home or often found in the Mexican foods aisle or at specialty markets. It’s also a good solution after filling yourself with tacos, burrito bowls, and festive drinks as it’s relatively light. It provides a sweet finish to your festivities without tipping you into a food coma.

Start Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration With The Guac Shop

When this Cinco de Mayo rolls around, take your mind off of one of the most pressing party issues and get Mexican catering from the Guac Shop in Garden City. We have a range of options available to make your celebrations as tasty as possible. With the Guac Shop, you get authentic Mexican taste with healthy and indulgent options alike. Call or come in today for more information on our catering services.


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