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Build A Better Breakfast With Guac Shop

As a Garden City Mexican restaurant, we can’t say breakfast is more important than our other favorite meals throughout the day — lunch, dinner, and happy hour — but we know it’s a good choice for a healthy life! As we discussed in our last blog post, eating breakfast comes with many benefits, such as a boosted metabolism, important nutrients, and lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Gaining those benefits from breakfast naturally hinges on what you eat for breakfast. You won’t get the same advantages from a box of donuts as you will from a veggie-packed breakfast bowl! So in today’s blog, we’re outlining a few ways you can make healthy and filling choices when you order your breakfast from Guac Shop Mexican Grill. Start crafting a better breakfast today, and place your order for pick-up or delivery online today!

Avoid Sugar

If your go-to breakfast is cereal or pancakes and you often run into a mid-morning slump, then sugar is probably to blame. Many popular breakfast foods are packed with it, whether it’s as straightforward as “frosted” corn flakes or hiding as refined carbs in foods like bagels. Some cereals have a large portion of your daily recommended amount of sugar in just one serving!

Sugar in general has been linked to health concerns like weight gain, but it could also be the culprit for your feeling of low energy. As it’s metabolized, sugar can give you a quick rush that leads to an afternoon crash.

Find Balance

If your priority is healthy eating, then it’s important not only to consider the calories in your food, but also what makes up those calories. A combination of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and fiber will serve you best as you go about your day, helping you feel full and stay satiated until lunch. You can also aim to include several of the food groups — protein, vegetables, and grains are easy choices when you’re building a Guac Shop breakfast bowl!

Pump Up The Protein

Protein is an important option for your Mexican breakfast, because it will offer you a longer lasting energy boost as well as help you feel full so you can eat less. Protein-packed breakfasts are a great option if your goal is weight loss, and Guac Shop Mexican Grill has plenty of lean options to choose from, including eggs (of course), turkey bacon, and turkey sausage.

Embrace Carbs

Grains are an important source of fiber, which can help you stay full and energized through those long morning hours at work. Grains break down into fuel for both short- and long-term energy, which makes it an ideal food group to include at breakfast after your body has depleted its glucose stores overnight. Aside from tortillas, you can also enjoy your Guac Shop breakfast bowl with brown rice or breakfast potatoes.

Indulge In Healthy Fats

Villainizing fat is a fad that has led many people to unintentionally include more sugar in their diets, and skipping fat entirely can mean you’re missing out on important nutrients! Scientists and dieticians now advocate for “healthy fats” like avocado and dairy.

Avocado is one of our favorite ingredients here at Guac Shop! It shares a type of fat found in olive oil, one of the more well-known healthy fats, and it offers more potassium than a banana! Adding avocado to your meals can help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. The science also supports avocado as a great choice for those looking to trim down — those who eat avocado tend to weigh less and have less belly fat.

Build The Perfect Breakfast Bowl Today

Are you ready for a healthy and filling breakfast? Turn to Guac Shop Mexican Grill in Garden City! Our customizable menu options include a long list of toppings and sauces to help you meet your goals and dietary guidelines, from turkey sausage to fajita veggies. Start your order online today for delivery or easy pick-up at our Mexican restaurant!


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