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Sides That Go Perfectly With Every Mexican Food Meal

Mexican dishes combine savory meats and fresh vegetables with the spices that are sure to kick! These combinations make for some of the most popular dishes across the globe. While the main dish that’s served up is absolutely the star of the show, the sides that are paired with these meals are equally tasty.

Guac Shop Mexican Grill offers fresh, delicious food to the Garden City area. Our main course dishes are something that we love being able to share, but they’re simply not the same without a few of our favorite side dishes.

Whether you’re trying to figure out what to pair with the Mexican food that you’re making at home or you’re struggling to pick a side for an event you’re having catered, today’s blog is for you. The team at Guac Shop Mexican Grill is going to go over a few sides that pair perfectly with every Mexican food dish. You’re sure to have a crowd-pleaser with whichever of these sides you wind up going with. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


There’s no doubt about it, salsa is a classic side for every Mexican dish! Whether you’re using it to top a dish or you’re serving it up with some warm tortilla chips, you can guarantee everyone will enjoy some fresh salsa.


Another popular side (and appetizer) is guacamole. Guacamole is a perfect when served up with crispy tortilla chips, but it is also a fantastic topping for just about any dish. With fresh avocados and the right seasonings, you can leave your guests begging for the guacamole recipe on their way out.


A majority of Mexican dishes are served up with beans. This was always an affordable option that complemented and balanced out the flavors of main dishes. Whether you want to do a flavorful garbanzo bean side dish or you opt for refried beans, you can guarantee the side will pair perfectly with your main course.

Mexi Slaw

One of the side dishes that we are most proud to offer our customers is Mexi slaw. As the name suggests, this side dish is similar to your standard coleslaw, but incorporates that flavorful kick that Mexican dishes are known for. When looking for a side dish that’s not so common but still incredibly delicious, the Mexi slaw at Guac Shop is a great option and is sure to become a favorite.

Stop By Guac Shop Mexican Grill

When you’re looking for tasty Mexican food in the Garden City area, look no further than Guac Shop Mexican Grill. We take pride in the fresh ingredients and authentic recipes that we serve our customers. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to get together with friends after a long day at work or you’re wanting an incredible meal to serve up to family for a major event, we’ve got you covered.

Take a minute to browse our menu and catering options and contact our team with any questions you may have. Our staff is always happy to help!


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