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Mexican Foods For Fall

Every culture has its own popular fall dishes, many of which just make it that much easier to cozy up on the couch. Even though it’s definitely a little warmer south of the border, there are still some Mexican fall favorites that could make your autumn a little cozier and your holiday parties a little spicier.

At the Guac Shop in Garden City, we’re always looking to show off a little Mexican culture in the best way we know how — with food! There are a ton of tasty options that could add a little Mexican authenticity and a feature that none of your friends will have at their holiday gatherings. For every other time of year, you can add a little of that authenticity to your life when you stop into the Guac Shop.

Mexican Favorites To Warm Up Your Fall

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate — Tracing its roots to a time long before most of the other dishes that we consider traditional Mexican food, Mexican hot chocolate comes with a history as rich as the sweet itself. For centuries, chocolate was used as an ingredient in drinks before we started eating it. In fact, early Mayans and Aztecs would use ground cocoa beans to make a chocolatey drink. Of course, without added sweeteners, that beverage could be very bitter. It would be like drinking hot cocoa made out of 100% dark chocolate. So, to combat the bitterness, they’d add cinnamon, chiles, vanilla, and other herbs and spices native to their regions.

This Mexican drink can even be relatively healthy, if you go with low-sugar and low-fat options in the ingredients, because of the antioxidant-rich spices that are often included. This particular recipe offers an uplifting blend that would be great for sipping at home con tú amor.

Pumpkin Empanadas — If you’re looking to throw the company thanksgiving party a Mexican food curveball, then pumpkin empanadas are a great way to do so. While it may not be something you’d consider traditional Hispanic or Mexican food, there’s no other culture that can claim the gourdy goodness of pumpkins as much. Mexico, in fact, claims the oldest known remains of pumpkins. These seeds date back to somewhere between 5500 and 7000 B.C.

As Americans, most of us already associate pumpkins with Thanksgiving and fall in general. If you’re attending a multi-cultural event or planning some kind of event for kids, then this recipe provides an authentic Mexican dessert that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Slow Cooker Chicken Mole — As you’re reading this, you might be wondering when we’re going to get down to the meat of the issue. What’s a Mexican entree you can serve the whole family and make in big batches for your next fall event? Slow cooker chicken mole, of course! This dish is one that combines traditional Mexican food flavors with your desire to throw the ingredients together and let the slow cooker do the work. Mole itself is a type of sauce that comes in many different variations. This traditional Mexican sauce typically involves some type of fruit, chile pepper, some kind of nut, and spices such as cinnamon, cumin, and black pepper. This all combines for a smoky, Mexican flavor that is sure to please anyone who enjoys chili or other dishes that involve meat and a savory sauce. In traditional Mexican restaurants around the U.S., Mole poblano is what people are used to. For a dish that people will be comfortable with, but that still provides some variation from our traditional fall foods, go with this recipe.

Atole — Atole is a traditional Mexican beverage that borders on being a dish. Made from ground corn maze, without any added flavorings, atole is similar to porridge, but is thin enough to drink. This may not sound appealing to everybody, but when it’s combined with spices, atole can be quite a crowd-pleaser, and it’s a great pick-me-up on cold fall or winter nights. Many recipes, like this one, go with the simple, aromatic flavors of cinnamon and vanilla, and some go for heavier, cocoa laced versions. With the cocoa addition, atole turns into champurrado.

Stop Into The Guac Shop For Traditional Mexican Flavors

Whatever time of year it might be, you can get traditional Mexican food at the Guac Shop in Garden City. If you do have a holiday party coming up, and need healthy, crowd-pleasing Mexican food, we also offer catering. Call or come in today for Mexican burritos and bowls or to indulge in our happy hour!


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