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Healthy Mexican For Today’s Diets

More and more, we are starting to recognize different dietary needs from person to person. One size or style doesn’t fit all, and that’s why at the Guac Shop we’re doing our part to get in on the transformation because people deserve a variety of fresh and healthy food as they go about their day.

All over the country, drab fast food and chain restaurants are closing down, because people are more conscious about what they put in their bodies, and they want more than chicken fingers and burgers. The Guac Shop is here to provide for that, with a new healthy twist on classic Mexican cuisine that’s customizable and considerate to all your dietary needs.

The Latest Diets There are a few particularly popular diets right now that are offering some people great health benefits. We know how hard they can be to keep up with when you’re on the run, and these days it seems like everyone is. So, to help keep things simple, clean, and fast, we designed a menu where you can come in, grab a bowl, and get out without ever having to worry about wrecking your diet.

  • The Paleo Bowl – A hearty, carb-free bowl that gives you some Mexican kick in your diet.

  • The Keto Bowl – This meaty, cheesy, guac’d-out dietary option gives you mountains of flavor without straying from your nutrition needs.

  • The Macro Bowl – This bowl will keep you energized, satiated, and on to your next goal.

  • The Surf and Turf – A bowl that’s even more protein-packed than our average item, this bowl also has tons of healthy fats, all with a sweet and spicy flavor blend.

If you would like something that still sticks to your diet but is a little more customizable, you can find the details on all our delicious ingredients here.

Gluten-Free Over the last few years, people have become increasingly aware of the serious threat that gluten can cause to someone with celiac disease. Even for those who don’t have the disease, many people have reported higher energy levels and an overall increase in how healthy they feel when they cut gluten out of their diet. With our build-your-own style bowls, you’ll always be in the driver’s seat of what goes into your bowl. Our rice, bean, and veggie options provide a delicious base to build your celiac-friendly bowl, and our cooks ALWAYS clean every surface before preparing your food if there’s an allergen risk.

Everyday Nutrition Beyond the diet-friendly options we have on the menu, at the Guac Shop we simply believe in everyday healthy living. That’s why we provide a long list of ethically sourced, healthy, and flavorful ingredients for our Mexican dishes, so you’ll want to come back day after day and you know you’ll still be respecting your body when you do. Aside from a variety of veggies, rice, beans, and sauces to choose from, we also offer double the protein of our competitors in every item. You’ll never get stuck with a burrito that is mostly rice or beans in certain spots, tacos that are half-filled with lettuce, or a chicken quesadilla that’s suspiciously cheesy. This way, you always get an item that can get you through the rest of your day feeling full and energetic.

Come In Today For healthy Mexican food, or healthy fast-casual food, no one in Garden City does it better than the Guac Shop. Stop by today to discover all the healthy Mexican options!


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