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The Perfect Burrito Bowl

You did it. You found the Guac Shop Mexican Grill guide to crafting the perfect burrito bowl. Read on to learn how to make your next trip to the Guac Shop even better than last time.

Why A Burrito Bowl?

Maybe you love burritos, but recently went gluten free, or maybe burritos have a tendency to fall apart in your hands and you would rather use a fork. Whatever the case maybe, burrito bowls simply work.

Burrito bowls provide eaters broad freedom when choosing their meals. As a fully customizable meal option, they grant all the goodness of a regular burrito, but in greater amounts. The customization also allows you to make a classic staple of Mexican cuisine into healthy Mexican food.

Burrito Bowl Essentials

The essential parts of a burrito bowl can be broken into three broad categories:

  • Base

  • Filling

  • Toppings

The base of the burrito bowl truly sets it apart from the standard burrito. Burrito bowls need a strong foundation in order to come out as tasty as possible. We suggest the classic choice of rice, with farro as a healthy second option.

The filling plays an integral part of the burrito bowl. The filling consists of ingredients that would give a burrito its name on a menu. We suggest a protein for this part of the bowl, such as chicken, barbacoa, carnitas, or chickpeas for a vegetarian option. Remember that at Guac Shop Mexican Grill, double protein is standard.

Burrito bowl toppings are the difference makers in the dish. They make the bowl unique, and they make it yours. At Guac Shop, we call this “The Good Stuff.” Choose The Good Stuff that makes your heart happy. We suggest adding some spice with jalapeños, and then cooling it down with our specialty guac. Now that we hold a solid grasp of the essential parts of a burrito bowl, the keys to crafting the perfect burrito bowl become clear.

Keys To The Perfect Burrito Bowl

Key 1: Cover Each Of The Essentials

Build a strong foundation to your burrito bowl by picking a base ingredient. Choose white rice, brown rice, or farro according to your preferences. Then load the bowl up with your favorite protein choice. Finally, make it yours with topping choices that make your taste buds say, “Thank you.”

Key 2: Don’t Forget Your Future Self

Keep your future self in mind and get a burrito bowl that meets your dietary goals. If you adhere to the Paleo or Keto diets, then try our burrito bowls specifically crafted for you. If you use a different diet, keep it in mind when choosing the essential parts of your burrito bowl.

Key 3: Use The Difference Makers

A good burrito bowl utilizes a solid base, a tasty protein, and unique toppings. But a perfect burrito bowl goes the extra mile with warm, soothing queso and our famous Guac.

Go Make Your Fantastic Burrito Bowl

Stop by Guac Shop Mexican Grill to craft your perfect burrito bowl. Don’t forget to send it over the top with guac!

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